Welcome to Sandglass Ranch!

It has been a busy year here at the ranch. W added additional  acreage and made signaificant improvements to housing on the ranch. Like most people going through a remodeling project, it  is not without it’s problems. Hiring contractors, making sure they work according to the schedule, and do the job the right way,  are all hurdles to overcome. However,  after terminating one contractor, we found another that was eager and willing to do what they said they would and complete the project on a timely basis. We are not finished yet.There is always more to be done.  We also replaced some fence. The erosion from an adjoining property,  once the leasee cut down all the trees, buried the old fence so we had to replace it so the livestock wouldn’t be able to walk over it. Now, it is not a problem.

It is hot and dusty something we have grown accustomed  to up here. We are all praying for rain. Not so much that it floods but enough to calm the dust a bit and help the grass grow.

This week we are \hosting a turkey hunt reunion at the ranch. Several friends have shown up and we intend to show them a great time. We will be serving CYCO beef on our cookouts and of course appropriate libations for the meal.  No one will go home hungry.  Hopefully, their hunts are as good as the hospitality.

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